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HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

Srichandan T.
Occasional Advisor

HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

Hi All,
We have a HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID connect to HPJ5400 server running with HP10.X OS. We would like to upgrade HP-UX 11i by reinstalling OS (we dont have upgradation CD, so planned for OS installation). Could you please any let me know, how can I get my data (RAID) without recreating LUNs. Is there any to get back without formatting and partitioning my RAID disks.

And also request you to let me know, where can I get AutoRAID software for HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID.

Kindly guide me.


Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

Hi Srichandan

1.LUN information is stored in E12H AutoRAID so you do not have to recreate it.

2. vgexport all VGs and save mapfiles outside server since you are planning fresh install of OS.

3. Install OS and apply latest patch bundles

4. vgimport all VGs of E12H from mapfiles stored before.

5. You should keep full backup ready before proceeding

Srichandan T.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

Thanks Mahesh.

Do i need to install any software to reuse my HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID after reinstalling HP-UX11i. And also i have got following error message, when i try to use vgexport.

fox #vgexport -m /tmp/vg01.mapfile /dev/vg01
Volume group "/dev/vg01" is still active.
vgexport: Couldn't export volume group "/dev/vg01".
fox #

Please guide me.

Marek Smejkal
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

You have to first deactivate volume group before vgexport, vgchange -a n vg01, then run vgexport cmd.

Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore E12H AutoRAID

You don't need any additional software!
/opt/hparray/bin will have all the required utilities.
ARMserver utilities are loaded automatically during the OS installation.
Be sure to select the correct disk for installing the OS.

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