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HP-UX 11i Base-VxVM + AutoPath and XP12K

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HP-UX 11i Base-VxVM + AutoPath and XP12K

Has anyone been successful in making Base-VxVM work/behave properly with AutoPath as opposed to DMP (which only comes with the Full VxVM License)? I have no problem configuring the XP Luns to VxVM but during cable pull tests .. the server just panics. Note: I have no VxVM ASL (array support library) installed.

With Full VxVM + ASL and no AutoPath, the XP behaves and works like a charm.

It's just that we've environments (minor but large) that we really do not need th full VxVM license since as far as path protection - we already have AutoPath or SecurePath/XP as it is now called.
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