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HP-UX server hardware addresses of LUNs on XP1024

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Matthew White_2
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HP-UX server hardware addresses of LUNs on XP1024


Does someone have a reference which would tell me how to predict what the HP-UX (11.11 on an RP4440) hardware address WILL BE of a LUN presented from an xp1024? I want to be able to predict what a particular LUNs hardware address is going to be before going to the operating system and doing an ioscan.

Thank you.
Oliver Haensel
Respected Contributor

Re: HP-UX server hardware addresses of LUNs on XP1024


assuming the host is SAN-attached the hardware path would show up as follows:


0/4/1 hardware slot # (example: PCI slot 3)
AABBCCh is the NPortID (fabric address) of the XP port in the SAN (6 hexadecimal digits)
AA switch domain ID (decimal)
BB area field, reflects switch port # (where XP port is connected to)
CC reflects how the XP connects to its switch port (topology)
00 for Point-To-Point toplogy
or AL_PA (arbitrated loop physical address) which is the counterpart of a loop ID (i.e. loop ID 1 = AL_PA 0xEFh, loop ID 125 = AL_PA 0x1h)

DEF is a bit pattern which describes the LUN number mapped to the XP port

D 7 bits
E 4 bits
F 3 bits
i.e. 1.2.4 = (binary) 0000001.0010.100
which is ... 00.0000.1001.0100
or 0x94h = 148d

So the hardware path 0/4/
specifies a XP LUN...
- visible from HBA installed in PCI slot 3
- XP port attached to switch domain ID 1 port 3
- XP port in Ponit-To-Point topology (parameters on XP: fabric=ON, loop=OFF)
- LUN #148 which was mapped to this port

Hope that helps
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