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HP VA7400 & too many luns

VWR Admin

HP VA7400 & too many luns

Currently, we have a Red HAt Linux 7.2 server with a QLogic QLA2200F fibre card connected to a HP VA 7400.
Our server is connected to a Brocade Silkworm 2800 switch that goes into two controllers on the HP VA7400.
The HP VA 7400 has been configured to enable 4 luns on the linux server with a custom compiled 2.4.18. We have
used all the available QLogic drivers up to & including v6.0b13. The VA presents 255 luns & the SCSI driver in the
kernel only finds the first 128. With the stock Red Hat QLA2200F driver we could see lun0 from both controllers but with
the new drivers we can only see one of the lun 0's & the 4 luns available to us. We should be
seeing these 4 luns twice & through both controllers on the VA7400. Presenting 4 luns to our HP-UX 11.00 host does show lun 0 & all 4 luns on both controllers.
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Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VA7400 & too many luns


I would suggest you to check 2 things :

1. Is your system configured in Fabric mode ? If so, check that the Qlogic driver is properly setup to deal with fabric (I don't know how this driver works).

2. When you configured the kernel (make menuconfig), how many LUNs did you allow ? In the /usr/src/linux/.config file, it is the parameter CONFIG_SD_EXTRA_DEVS. Even if only 4 LUNs are configured, I would suggest you to set the maximum value for this parameter. However, I don't know exactly what this maximum value is. I would try 256.

Good luck.

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