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HP VA7410

Lau Kuek Hoon
Occasional Contributor

HP VA7410


I was un-officially told that VA7410 is going to obsolete next year. Is this true ? If yes,
what is the next model that provides same functionalities as VA7410 ?

Please advise.

Thank You.
Rajesh G. Ghone
Regular Advisor

Re: HP VA7410


I have not yet heared so far can you please tell me weather it has been informed by HP?
According to me it is not going to get obsolete so early.

Rajesh G.
Rajesh Ghone
Zeev Schultz
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VA7410

No idea about va7410 going to be obsolete.
Here for example you can see all the mid range
storage solutions:
Obvious tendention is that exCompaq products are leading here and I'd take a bet that EVA
is an alternative for VA-74xx.
However,sure that hp would continue to support
VA74xx as well as does with AutoRAID (which is obsolete).

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Oleg Khoroshylov
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP VA7410

Yes, I also heard that line EVA line is going to replace VA in perspective.

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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VA7410

HP has not announced an end-of-life date for the VA product line yet.

Of course, this really means very little...

What *has* been announced that affects this is two things:

1. HP will not retire any product without a replacement that has equivelent or better features. (this was part of the merger, and still applies).

2. The stated direction for HP's midrange storage product line is that the EVA will (eventually) become the basis for all products. This means that the VA will (eventually) be discontinued.

--- start of my opinion ---
In my opinion (let's be clear about this being my opinion, and NOT an official communique from HP), the VA will not be discontinued until one of these two things occur:

1. VAs stop selling.
2. EVA has AutoRAID.

As far as I know, neither of these two are happening in the next 6 to 12 months. I could be wrong, though.

I think it's likely that the next-generation EVA would be the do-it-all product that replaces both today's VA and today's EVA. There's been no word as to when a next-generation EVA will be ready (not within the next 12 months, for sure). In fact, there's been no official mention (other than "future EVAs" on marketing slides) of any next-generation product or it's feature/function.

I believe that the EVA has enough performance/functionality and all that to be a great product for several more years in it's current form. I think the same of the VA.

You should feel confident purchasing VA now, and until an end-of-life date is announced because HP will still service and support the VA for our usual 5 years after end-of-life. Some products have gone significantly longer than 5 years, even.

--- end of my opinion ---

I know that this is probably not much help (no straight answers), but I hope you get some value out of it anyway.


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