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HP XP512 where is the Performance Manager soft.

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HP XP512 where is the Performance Manager soft.

I would like to install only the Performance Manager software on a seperate computer. Also, we purchased Performance Manager and my understanding is that there is a Performance Manager Advisor
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Vincent Fleming
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Re: HP XP512 where is the Performance Manager soft.

Yes, there is Performance Manager and Performance Advisor.

Performance Advisor is a newer, web-based performance management application - Performance Manager is a PC application (not web-based).

If you have an XP512 and PM, you should have PA as well; as I recall even when the XP512 first shipped, when you bought one, you got both products.

So, you want to put PM on a PC other than the Command View PC (aka Remote Control PC)... I think you can do that. We always setup PM directly connected to the private lan of the XP512. The private lan is, so you should be able to place it anywhere there (ie: Note: the Command View/Remote Control PC is normally

You may be able to get PM to work over the XP's public IP interface, but I've never tried it - most of my customers don't use the public lan for security reasons. (some are ISPs).

One last thing, if you can upgrade to PA, I'm sure you would like it much more than PM (this is my opinion here). It's really nice to use, measures your hosts as well as the storage, and can be located anywhere on your network, and accessed from anywhere on your network. In my opinion, a far better performance application.

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