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HP rack enclosure w / 9.1DF's to mate with old Sun SPARC20?

David Gerhart
Occasional Contributor

HP rack enclosure w / 9.1DF's to mate with old Sun SPARC20?

In my collection of stuff is dual power-supply HP Rack Enclosure (P# - A3312A) stuffed with 9.1DF's (P# -A5238A.)

1.) Will I be able to hook this up to an old SPARCstation 20? -- I have cabling and have verified connections -- everything mates, physically. The operating system isn't that old -- I could upgrade if needed.

2.) I've recoreded the switch settings on the rear of the enclosure -- I think these are SCSI ID's -- yes? Are there conventions for setting these that I need to follow? Like for mirror?

3.) If the array will work with the SPARC where should I go to get configuration and driver info (if it exists.)

Obviously, I'm new here. If there are document resources for physical and logical configuration I can access, please let me know.


David G.
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harry d brown jr
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Re: HP rack enclosure w / 9.1DF's to mate with old Sun SPARC20?

For product info go here:


As far as support for a SUN, it will depend if you have the device drivers. The HASS rack is not an array, but Just a Bunch Of Disks (JBOD). Each disk, like you said has an external (in the back) scsi setting. Each side of the HASS rack is independent of the other, unless you jumper the two together (which if you do, each disk requires a different scsi address - both sides). You can attach two scsi cables, one to each side and enjoy mirroring and path redundancy.

Give it a shot, you don't have much to lose.

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