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HP11 firmware of FC60

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HP11 firmware of FC60

I am considering upgrade FC60 controller firmware from HP08 to HP11 but before that (because many of FC60 firmware was recalled , HP08 also was recall but I live with it smoothly) , I wanna know how stable this version is ? Does anyone face problem after upgrade ?
Or How long since this HP11 first launch ?
Or please provide me where I can check for above information , what is it fix or enhancement.
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Re: HP11 firmware of FC60

HP11 for FC60 brief:
Release: 30 January 2002

To Be Performed By HP-Qualified Personnel


If there is customer data on the disk array, it is strongly recommended that a backup of all data be performed before downloading the firmware.


HP11 is the newest release of firmware for the FC60. This firmware incorporates the following firmware improvements.

?? Phantom Disk 15:xx

Pulling, then replacing optimal drive from a configured LUN results in drive becoming number ff (15,15).

?? LUN Mapping

There are multiple ways for the LUN Mapping problem exhibit itself. The first way used a similar code path as the Phantom Disk problem and was fix when the Phantom Disk problem was fixed. The second way was to move from old firmware to new firmware then back to old firmware modify LUN's and then move back to new firmware. This path of the LUN Mapping problem remains and will not be fixed. However, there is a documented work around for this problem, and is supplied in the Additional Information sections of this service note.

?? Piece size modified by illegal DSS operation - piece extends beyond data area of disk

No error was given if a segment size change would cause the required piece size to extend beyond the end of the drive. Fix is to return an error if disk size would be exceeded.

?? Mode select does not return status if error occurs on cache purge call

If an error was returned on a cache purge call while transferring volumes between active controllers the mode select command was not returning status. Now return status.

AM60Server Patches should be:

PHCO_25309 - B.10.20.15 - AM60 patch for HP-UX 10.20

PHCO_25310 - B.11.00.15 - AM60 patch for HP-UX 11.00

PHCO_25311 - B.11.11.15 - AM60 patch for HP-UX 11.11

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Re: HP11 firmware of FC60

Unfortunately, there's no information that you would like to see on the web.
HP11 is released in about Jan, 2002 as the recommended version of firmware.
With HP11, FC60 is now quite stable and any abnormal symptom has not been reported after update to HP11 until now.
I also tell you something about HP10 which is also stable with two exceptions.
It only shows problems when HP10 is updated to HP11 such as phantom disk problem, LUN mapping problem.

These problems are taken care of and some enhancements are also made like giving an error if disk size would be exceeded by a segment size change.

Please bear in mind that firmware HP11 should be downloaded by trained and qualified support personel by HP because there're several activities should be done prior to update which means that it's not everything to download firmware itself like AutoRAID.
As an example, the disk array is shipped with HP08 or HP10 and downloaded to HP03. while on HP03, if LUN configuration changes were made and then, update to HP11 might cause you to be in trouble.

I'm addressing that you have to take firmware update into account.
Please place a support call for this and ask HP for more information because HP knows the details like which enhancements have been made.

Hope this helps,
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