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HP22 Firmware Upgrade For VA7400


HP22 Firmware Upgrade For VA7400

G'Day Everyone,
I am planning on a firmware upgrade to my VA7400 from HP19 to HP22. Additionally I want to upgrade the LLC’s to the latest firmware as well. I have 3 x DS2400 (A6214A) and 1 x DS2405 (A6255A). The DS2400 is at HP01 and the DS2405 is at HP04. The latest firmware I can find for the DS2405 is HP05; however I cannot find anything for the DS2400. What I am looking for is any information that describes the benefits of upgrading to HP22 on the controllers. In the documentation of Command View SDM it refers to obtaining the service notes for the firmware upgrade. Are these service notes available to the public? I’m assuming it will be a rather painless upgrade from HP19 to HP22, I am just double-checking everything first.


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Re: HP22 Firmware Upgrade For VA7400


The only times I have had my firmware upgraded on my VA7400, HP have been onsite and run it themselves. They have had notes etc with them, but were not keen on leaving a copy for us.

It may have changed now, but if you are upgrading and still have a support contract with them, it may be worth getting them in to set it up for you, or at least check configuration and recommend your course of actions.


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