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HPUX and MSA1500

James Mercer

HPUX and MSA1500


I have a new MSA1500 attached to an HPUX11i system. I've downloaded the lastest 1500 firmware (for HPUX) from the HP site onto the controller.

After creating units/luns, connections and acls on the MSA, the HPUX system still does not see the luns.

I've tried using a switch which allows the HPUX system to see the controller and using a direct connections (altering the FCAL loop address on the MSA) which at one point allowed me to see all the disk drives, but not the controller or luns. I've run out of ideas as to how to get these two to work together.

Any help?
Thomas J. Harrold
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPUX and MSA1500

Some thoughts:

Disable zoning on the switches (if that's an option), as it will remove one possible problem area.

From the CLI interface on the MSA, run "show acl", and see if the LUNs are properly presented to the host.

Run show connections, and validate that the connections you setup match with the WWNs of the HBAs on your host. (find these with ioscan -funC fc, and fcmsutil /dev/fcd)

re-run an ioscan -fnC disk on the host, followed by in insf to generate any new device files.

Lastly, post some output from the MSA CLI. Maybe we'll see something...

I learn something new everyday. (usually because I break something new everyday)
John Kufrovich
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX and MSA1500

Did you set the profile to HPUX?

I'll post the cli cmds in a few minutes.

James Mercer

Re: HPUX and MSA1500

Thanks Thomas for the suggestions.

Eventually, I was able to get it working with the following:
FC-AL settings and a direct connection between the HPUX system and the MSA1500 with the latest firmware. I set up my lun(unit), set the connections, but this time I added connections not just for the WWPN, but also for the WWNN in desperation. I also disable and enabled acls. After a few minutes the lun was then visible.

I had gone through all these steps before with no luck: using insf, ioscan, the msa lun,connection, acl commands and both direct FC and FC-switch based connections. Each time I left the MSA for a while in case it had to prep the luns before presentation and I also reset the MSA in case it needed to 'enable' anything. I'm very puzzled about the behavior, but I'll settle for the fact that it actually works.

There is always the possibility of error ...
James Mercer

Re: HPUX and MSA1500


Yes, I set the profile to HP (HPUX isn't one of the choices) which follows the other Unix profiles.

As it's working now I'll close the thread. Thanks for the help and ideas.
James Mercer

Re: HPUX and MSA1500

It's working now with the latest firmware, direct attachment (setting a manual FC id on the MSA) and setting multiple connections with HP as the profile and acls.

Thanks again