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HSG Element Manager


HSG Element Manager

I try to access the Storage Management Appliance Home page of my EVA5000 VIA the Internet Explorer.
What I get is the error message :"Cannot find server or DNS Error - Internet Explorer."
I can ping it with name or IP, no problem.
I think the Firewall may prevent the accessing to EVA controller.
I would like to have your expertise opinion before talking to the network guy.
Jonathan Harris_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: HSG Element Manager

Your SMA talks to the controllers by fibre channel, so there'll be no firewall restrictions between them. Besides, if there was a connectivity issue between the two, Management Appliance would still work, you just wouldn't have any arrays displayed in Command View.

If you can ping the SMA, then it's highly unlikely that there are any firewall restrictions between your machine and the SMA (I can't see a net admin permitting ICMP but denying HTTP on an internal network, but hey, if nothing else comes up, it may be worth checking).

First thing is to check that Management Appliance is actually running. You'll need to connect locally to the SMA or via RDP and launch the Management Appliance web page on the SMA itself.

If this doesn't work check the following:

Go in to Admin Tools > Services and check that the following services are started:
World Wide Publishing Service
IIS Admin Service

In the web browser, check your Internet Options settings. In Connections, are your settings sending requests via a proxy? If so, try removing the proxy entry. Is your SMA listed as a trusted site under the Security tab?