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HSG80 Replacement battery procedure

Super Advisor

HSG80 Replacement battery procedure


Plesae i nedd to replace the ECB battery ( ON LINE ) for HSG80, so can some one help me

Emad Omar
Regular Advisor

Re: HSG80 Replacement battery procedure

Hi Rue,

Find below the easy steps to replace the ECB Battery of HSG80 online:

1.Connect a PC or terminal to the maintenance port of the controller that has the defective ECB. The controller connected to the PC or terminal becomes â this controller.â

2.For Model 2100 and 2200 enclosures, enter the following command to verify that system time is set:

3.If system time is not set or current, enter current data using the following command:
SET THIS_CONTROLLER TIME=dd-mmm-yyyy:hh:mm:ss

4.Start FRUTIL with the following command: RUN FRUTIL

5.Follow on-screen instructions concerning availability and replacement questions for the ECB.

6.Insert the replacement ECB into an appropriate bay or near the ECB being removed.

7.Follow on-screen instructions to connect the ECB.

8.Disconnect the ECB Y-cable from the old ECB and press Enter/Return.
IMPORTANT: Wait for FRUTIL to terminate.

9.For single ECB replacement:
a. Remove the old ECB and place the ECB in an antistatic bag or on a grounded antistatic mat.
b. If the replacement ECB was not placed within an available bay, install the ECB into the vacant bay of the old ECB.

10.For dual ECB replacement:
c. If the other cache module is also to be connected to the new dual ECB, connect the PC or terminal to the â other controllerâ maintenance port.
d. The connected controller now becomes â this controller.â
e. Repeat step 6 through step 10.

Hope this help.

Kind regards,

Emad Omar

Larry De Clay
Frequent Advisor

Re: HSG80 Replacement battery procedure

You have to use the FRUTIL command. May be you have to set the date/time in the storage.
And you have to follow the instructions that the FRUTIL shows.
In the ESA/RA you have to use the Y cable to connect the new battery but in the MA you have to put the battery in the slot.

Good luck,