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HSG80 raid config & Tru cluster problem

Frequent Advisor

HSG80 raid config & Tru cluster problem

Hello experts
I added 14X72GB disks in existing HSG80 & since i cannot create more than 20 Raid-5 sets in hsg80 , i created one raid set of 10 disks & assigned it to Tru cluster 5.1A, at tru64 side it detected disk after scan, but when i was trying to disklabel that perticular disk it was not doing that & it was going in hang state. also inoticed on thing at hsg80 side that this perticular unit was not showing persistent reservation on it.
also when i tried to delete this unit HSG80 was not responding & i have to restart the controllers one after another.
but if create raid set of 4 - 5 disks tru cluster is doing disklabel to that disk.
has anybody came accross such problem??
is there any limitation on HGS80/Tru cluster 5.1A about size/number of disks??
please reply.
many thanks in advance.
Frequent Advisor

Re: HSG80 raid config & Tru cluster problem

What is the ACS SW version you are using?