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HSG80 storage

Dave Forber
Occasional Advisor

HSG80 storage

I have a Compaq StorageWorks HSG80 using DEC Digitial disks connected to a HP L Class. I believe DEC were bought by Compaq, who were then bought out by HP.

My problem is that I want to set this kit up again from scratch but I do not have any command documentation. Our server documentation refers to some "StorageWorks Command Console" software used on a laptop to set this up previously, but I cannot find it.

Anyone know where I can get this software from, and if there is a cost etc? A quick search on software.hp.com did not find what I was looking for.


Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 storage

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 storage

Honestly, I don't think the SWCC is an appropriate thing for setting up and managing, because you don't have much control during the setup.

The CLI interface is much more suited - documentation is here: