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HSG80 with RHAS 2.1 and SP 30c

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HSG80 with RHAS 2.1 and SP 30c


I currently am trying to setup a linux host with AS2.1 SMP kernel 35 and qla 2300 driver and a hsg80 storage unit. All drivers and storage fw is uptodate. I zoned the devices correctly for dual redundant fabrics and the same host works correctly with an HSV110 untill it was moved over to the hSG80 storage.

Now the storage does not pick up the !NEWCONNxxx host connection on the HSG80 storage and so i cant add new lunsto the host.

I really think that this is a problem with install the new qla2300 driver 7.00.03 and compiling it so i can seethe HSG80, because by default it does not setup and compile for the HSG80, only hsv110 storage. how do i re-compile or setup the master file so as AS2.1 can recognise the HSG storage unit.
I appreciate a quick reply as this is a crunch time for me right now......