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Carl Merrick
Occasional Advisor


We had a controller hang and were able to reset it with a "restart other" command. Once the controller rebooted we were presented with the following message:
"System Information structure reset to default settings"
Other controller restarted"

What does this mean and how do we proceed?

Carl Merrick
Town of Enfield
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80

Hi Carl,

You didn't which ACS version you're running so it may or may not be an ACS patch issue.

Run FMU, but according the HSG80 Troubleshooting Guide, it looks like the controller reported this failure:

010D0110 The System Information structure within the SIP has been reset to
default settings. The only known cause for this event is an i960
processor hang caused by a reference to a memory region that is
not implemented. When such a hang occurs, controller modules
equipped with inactivity watchdog timer circuitry will spontaneously
reboot after the watchdog timer expires (within seconds of the
hang). Controller modules not so equipped will hang as indicated
by the green LED on the OCP remaining in a steady state.

Search for the Instance code in here and see the Repair Actions.

If it only happened once, I would just monitor it. The controller may have an intermittent hardware issue and could warrant replacement if this event keeps happening.

Make sure you have the latest HSG80 ACS patches installed.


Carl Merrick
Occasional Advisor

Re: HSG80

Thanks. I have logging set up on both controllers and have already been monitoring. HP support has recommended a patch that we will be applying.