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HSJ80 ACS V8.5 Patches

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Ken James
Occasional Visitor

HSJ80 ACS V8.5 Patches

Does anybody know what the latest patch is for this product, and where the patches can be downloaded from ?
Kenneth Poh
Occasional Visitor

Re: HSJ80 ACS V8.5 Patches

Hi Ken,

here it is to download the patches:

ACS V8.5J-4 is the latest.

Best Wishes,

Ken James
Occasional Visitor

Re: HSJ80 ACS V8.5 Patches

Thanks Kenneth I was unable to find these anywhere. The latest version of HSJ80 V8.5 patch is 8 and not 4 as in you answer. All these patches were in the zip file you directed me to.
Patch #8 is dated June 2002. I had seen references to V8.5J-10 (ie patch # 10), and was hoing to find 9 & 10 if they exist.
Patch # 6 is supposed to resolve PDAL crashes, but we are still experiencing these.
Once again thanks for the link.

Cheers Ken