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HSOF v5.4

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Ronald Briggs
Occasional Contributor

HSOF v5.4

I would like to know if HSOF v5.4 on an HSJ50 would support a raidset consisting of 6 36GB drives, or what the maximum LUN size would be. I have looked everywhere on-line for the SPD for v5.4 but cannot find it. This is to be attached to VAX/VMS v6.1. V6.1, I know, but we can't upgrade.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Ron Briggs
Stuart Fuller_2
Valued Contributor

Re: HSOF v5.4

The release notes for HSJ50 HSOF V5.4 (EK-HSJ50-RN.D01) does not indicate support for 36GB drives at all, let alone a RAIDset of them.

The maximum RAIDset/stripeset size is 256GB, consisting of fourteen 18GB drives.