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HSV210 Firmware Update

Hi Everyone,

As a new vacancy will open on my company for an storage admin, I have build a small storage lab consisting of two HSV210-B and two enclusures with 16 disks.

As Command View  LTU is "only" 60 days, I need to make sure everything is working before starting using Command View for training.

My problem is actualy related to the batteries, wich by the way are the most expensive part of the lab.

Two of the bateries are fixed green, but two continue to blink green even after being on charge for more than a week.  

From what I can see on the forums, there is an update, 6.250 that fixes some battery related problems. Unfortunatly I dont have and I cant aford an support agreement as this is only a traning environment. 

I'm however willing to pay HPE a fee for the firmware upgrade. At least in the server side theres an option to pay a fee for upgrades if you dont have an support agreement, or at least thats what I saw and understood for my DL360 Gen9 support page.

Does any one know how to contact HP support to ask if that is possible for storage firmware? I tried to open a case, but first think it requests its a support agreement.

Any help or direction is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Carlos Azevedo




Vajith V
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Re: HSV210 Firmware Update


Please contact your reseller; or call HPE Sales here : https://www.hpe.com/us/en/contact-hpe.html  - you can also chat with our sales representative from this page to get answers for your query.



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