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HW RAID, SW volume set or new DB file in SQL

Joey Mok
Occasional Contributor

HW RAID, SW volume set or new DB file in SQL

I'm sorry that I post this question in Netserver group before. But, I didn't get any reply there. So, I repeat my question here because it is urgent. Please give me some response even it is not a solution.

We have a NetRAID-4M connected to 2 RS/12 and 10 of 18GB HDs formed a 90G of RAID10 logical volume. We consider to purchase 4 more 72GB HDs (form RAID10) to make a the total space of 200GB available to our MS SQL 7 for our SAP production system.

We don't want to buy more 18GB HDs because they are expensive comparing to 72GB. Good performance is our second goal. Safe and easy to upgrade is also important.

Which is the best solution to connect the new 4 of 72GB RAID10 to the existing 10 of 18GB RAID10?

1. Backup the data. Delete the existing 18GB RAID10 and rebuild a new HW RAID10 with 4 of 72 and 10 of 18GB (NetRAID-4M can build such a RAID10?)
2. Build a new RAID10 of 4 72GB and attach to the 18GB RAID10 with NT 4.0 software volume set in Disk Administrator
3. Build a new RAID10 of 4 72GB and assign a new drive letter. Create a new DB file in MS SQL 7 for the DB to expand.