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Hard Disk Led not glowing in EVA6000-2C4D


Hard Disk Led not glowing in EVA6000-2C4D

We have EVA6000-2C4D with 44x72.GB Fiber Disk.
In enclosure 1 having disk led problem like first enclosure having 11 disk and disk 1(Bay1) and disk 5 (Bay 5) leds are not glowing.
If I see through CV than its showing all disk information & disk populated.

Can any help me that is required to replaced these disks or its normal condition.

Naveen Gulia
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Hard Disk Led not glowing in EVA6000-2C4D

This is definitely not a "normal" condition, but I suspect not a serious one either. If everything in CV looks normal - drive bays "populated" and all green status, my guess is it's a simple LED failure in the drives in question. Have they looked normal with green lights in the past? Do you see anything unusual in the Controller Event Log in CV? If it was me I'd probably have HP come replace them just for comfort's sake, but I bet there's no real problem.