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Hardware raid on SureStore e SC10

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Hardware raid on SureStore e SC10

Hi Gurus
I am fairly new to hardware.
Can anyone tell me how, if possible, to setup hardware raid on this(SureStore e SC10) device.
I have 10 x 36gig drives in it.
I have two bus controler cards, but I removed one, cause I do not have another LVD SCSi card on my machine nor do I have a cable, but will probable get these hardware soon.
Is there a way to setup hardare raid?
Currently I can see the full bus(all 10 disks), but I will change it so that I only se half & when I get the additional hardware I will configure the rest of the devices.
!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
HP is the greatest
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: Hardware raid on SureStore e SC10

No. With single SC10 you will not be able to do hardware RAIDing. You will need FC60 controller enclosure, at least. For best protection you will need at least one another SC10 to connect to this FC60 controller enclosure