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Help Understanding options for best throughput

George Streeter
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Help Understanding options for best throughput

There has been some lively discussions in our office when it comes to drive choice for servers.  Is there a chart HP puts out that compares controller throughput with differnt drive technlogies?  Namely we are trying to figure out if throughput is higher on a SATA SSD or a SFF SAS given they are both using the same level of RAID.  


We just put out a RAID 5 SSD solution and I suspect we could have had better throughput with a RAID 1+0 SAS solution at a lower cost.  Any thoughts on these quesitons?


Re: Help Understanding options for best throughput

Hi George,


Thanks for posting, this is a great topic and I hope it gets more visibility in the community for discussion. There are likely other experts out there who can offer an informed opinion, but for sure the realized performance will depend on multiple factors. What server are you using?


A couple of references that might shed some light - this white paper covers storage technology considerations for the ProLiant Gen 8 servers - it includes multiple performance comparison charts.


Also, this white paper on Smart Array controllers and RAID performance may help (again, plenty of comparative charts).


Let me know if that helps!


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