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Help migrating 431 to 5302/64

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Help migrating 431 to 5302/64

I have an ML530 with 431 Array controller and Windows 2000 SP2. Trying to upgrade to a 5302/64 RAID controller. The 431 has 1 raid 5 array and is the boot controller.
I followed Compaq Support instructions and did the following
1) Installed 5300. Updated BIOS and RAID Rompaqs
2) Booted system
3) Windows 2000 found the controller and prompted for a driver. I hit cancel, inserted the 5300 support CD and installed the 2000 drivers.
4)Shut the machine down, moved the cable from the 431 to channel 1 on the 5300
5) Rebooted the machine
6)Changed the boot controller to the 5300 in the configuration and rebooted

The array controller recognized my logical drive and started booting. But, it hangs at the W2000 splash screen.
I have tried removing the 5300, reinstalling the 431 but the same thing happens-hangs at the splash scren. Tried running w2000 repair with no luck.
Does anybody have any ideas on where I can go from here to get this server and data/apps back?
Thank You!
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Help migrating 431 to 5302/64

I put the 431 back in reinstalled 2000 and then restored from my last backup (thank you Veritas!).
Question still remains, how can I get this 5302/64 installed in place of the 431? Anybody made it work?
Thank you.