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High availability array model 20

Geoff Gowers_1
Frequent Advisor

High availability array model 20

Our client has an A3550A m20 array that has been unused for 3 years, powered off, but still attached to a K460 using HPUX11.

It needs to be reused on that machine
:-( - I know, I know !!

On power up , SP A (which is an SP620 scsi Controller) fails after SRAM code test with Exception program error (Illegal Instruction)
SRR0=40084904 SRR1=0008B040 vector offset 00700

Very occasionally, it gets to auto boot stage, shows status of luns and hangs.

In neither case can we get a grid display/login.

Whilst we are waiting for replacement SP620 boards , (and searching for a spare SC10 array), can anyone analyse the code above. ?

Debug/Diag level is 1.73

Its a dual path dual setup , 20 x 4gb disks, but SP B also fails boot , with multiple memory r/w errors. So we don't have a single path/ controller option either to get us going.

We have tried boot with or without disks, and also tried a pair of SP controllers , which didn't work either. They stopped at test W with code 0001007e with disks installed.
I suspect here the microcode on the disks won't run these older controllers.

Thanks for any input, Geoff
Honored Contributor

Re: High availability array model 20

It seems that the array is failing at power up test at W which means SP microcode is not found on any one of the database drives.
The database drives labled as and should be in slots A0,A3,BO,C0 and contain valid SP micro-code for power-up test to succeed.

I suspect problem with SP-A SIMM or cache problem.

Refer the array guide at
Geoff Gowers_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: High availability array model 20

Thanks Sameer,

I think you are referring to the test w on the old SP card. I agree , I think the code on the disks is not correct for thes cards.

Sorry can't get to your link, but we have the manual.

We have replaced both SP620 cards, and now we get a reasonable load and boot to grid presentation window.

A few diffuculties now to access the controller setup, but I am optimistic now that if the server is recycled, then we will be able to access the array via sam or command line tools.