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High-desity hybrid disk enclosures

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High-desity hybrid disk enclosures

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customer is looking for a high-density storage solution capable of running both SSD and HDD drives (hybrid), which will act as JBOD hooked up directly to servers over SAS 12Gbs cable. There is a WD product called Ultrastar Data60 Hybrid Storage Platform (HDD 36x12TB +24x700Gb SSD) that he is considering now. So I wonder if HPE has similar products? what storage series I should look at? the solution doesn't necessarily have to fit all 60 drives, it can few disk enclosures connected together. Thank you! 



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Hello,  Customer can look at HPE Modular Storage Array (MSA) models. I am sharing a link for one of the storage models (HPE MSA 2050 Storage) for reference.

a00008276enw.pdf (hpe.com)


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