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High disk failure rate in 12H Arrays?

Ralph Hearne
Occasional Contributor

High disk failure rate in 12H Arrays?

I recently realized that in just over 2 years of service, we've had to replace 6 of 11 disk modules in our 12H AutoRaid array. That seems awfully high to me. Is anybody else in this forum having a lot of failures? Any opinions as to why? Comments are appreciated. Thanks. Ralph
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: High disk failure rate in 12H Arrays?

Hi Ralph,

I presently have four fully populated 12H's and looking over my logs, I've replaced 3 disk modules in about 3 1/2 years. My past experience with AutoRAID's has been comparable.

I have to suspect some environmental condition.
Heat? Humidity? Dust? Power?

Depending on the age of your cabinet , you may have the older fan modules which had a lower flow rate. If the little fan labels are essentially flat, you have the older modules; if they are raised bubbles, you have the newer modules. In any event, I would suspect that you have a cooling problem and assumimg your HVAC system is performing well, I would have HP replace the fan modules and look for any obstructions.

The only other thing that I can think of is that you purchased your 12H on the used market and your drives have a lot of hours on them.

My 2 cents, Clay
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Fred Cook
Occasional Advisor

Re: High disk failure rate in 12H Arrays?

Hey Ralph,
I have 2 12H's filled with 18GB drives. When we first brought the boxes up, we had 1 die within 48 hours and another within a week and another within a month. My CE said the usual pattern is that if they are going to die, they'll die quickly. I haven't had a problem for months and they been running for 13 months. I have a computer room with an air conditioner blasting within 3 feet on the cabinet. I also have the 'bubble label' fans.

I'm wondering what size your drives you have. I thinking of converting mine 18GB to 36GB drives, but haven't heard how the 36's have been performing. Reply
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Philip P. Hartl
Valued Contributor

Re: High disk failure rate in 12H Arrays?

Check with your CE. About a year ago I had multiple failures within my 12H. This failure escallated up the support chain. The outcome of analysis was that there was a bad batch of drives produced of which we had several (some failed,some not). HP replaced all of the suspect drives. Unfortunatly I cannot give you the method used to identify the suspect drives (I'm not sure HP told us).
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