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Hot Spare

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Hot Spare

How are the hot spare configured in HP XP10000 arrays ?
Are there any guidelines or whitepapers on these ?
What are approximate equilize times for 73 gig and 146 gig disks ?

Thanks in advance ....
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Re: Hot Spare

1) Not exactly sure what you are going for here, but they are truly "hot", that is they are spun up and ready to use. Some arrays have "cold" (spun down) spares. A CE must configure them in. When a drive fails on the array, a copy is initiated to the drive and it becomes a part of the array group until a CE comes onsite to replace the failed drive. This is true for all the XP family arrays.

2) No firm guidelines, but I would have a min of 2 spares of each drive size per array. If you have a large array, definitely increase those numbers. The XP10000 can hold up to 16 spares.

3) That is very difficult to answer, as is is totally dependent of the workload of the array. You can change the priority of the rebuild from Low to Med(default) to High, but rebuild times or host I/O's will be affected. We typically are looking at hours and not days for rebuild times.


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