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Hot Swapable unit in Jamaica

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Hot Swapable unit in Jamaica

What is hot swappable in a jamiaca?

I think F/W disks, PS and the fans is this right can some verify?




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David Allen
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Re: Hot Swapable unit in Jamaica


According to the manual the fans and the power supplies are hot swapable (pluggable). DDS Tape modules and SE Disks are not hot swapable. DF Disks are hot swapable, but only when the Jamaica is attached to a HP 9000 Series 800 with strict mirroring or a HP 3000 Series 900 MPE-iX, Version 5 with Express 3. HP 9000 Series 700, C and J Series don't support hot swapable disk modules (either SE or DF).

For more info, you should be able to find a PDF or HTML of the High Availability Storage Systems Manual at the http://www.docs.hp.com

I have a hardcopy of the manual and the part number is A3311-90006.