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How To Expand RAID 5 Array

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How To Expand RAID 5 Array

Hi All,

I have ML 350 G5 Server with 3 Hard disk currently configure RAID 5.

My Question is here

Can I add New Hard Disk with out destroying my current data and OS if so?

What is the utility I am going to use?

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Re: How To Expand RAID 5 Array

Yes you can. You are already using RAID5 which means you have the 128MB BBWC upgrade option. This option allows you to do "Online Capacity Expansion" of existing RAID arrays without losing your data. Note that this feature allows you to dynamically expand the LUN size in your RAID5 array. After expanding the LUN you still need to expand the volume in your OS. If you are using windows look into the diskpart.exe command.
These operations do not destroy your volumes/data but it is always a good idea to do a backup before doing any array work.
Rob Buxton
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Re: How To Expand RAID 5 Array

Just a note with dispart, you can't use it on the system disk, or a disk with an active pagefile on it. That might reduce your options a bit.