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How long to expand VA7410?

Jack Fan
Regular Advisor

How long to expand VA7410?

Hi All,

Are there any way to estimate this duration needed to install new chassis and new disks in VA7410 server? once new disks installed on VA7410 then disk array automatic perform disk block balancing, and if it impact existing production system which connecting on VA7410? cause heavy loading or NOT?

Can I have a formula for estimation?

My VA7410...

two chassis/enclosure,
15*36GB(15000rpm) installed in chassis #1.
8*36GB (15000rpm) installed in chassis #2.

22 LUN created in VA7410....15GB for each one...

Thank in advance...

Jack Fan
Demin Egor
Occasional Visitor

Re: How long to expand VA7410?

I do not know any formula.
But I can say on own experience:
The VA can begin automatic rebuild,
as soon as you will add new disks,
And it will lower to 10 times speed VA.
Rebuid there can be till 18 hours, depending on a configuration of a VA.
It can be avoided if to switch off automatic rebuild.
AutoRebuild off
It can be made from cli or
from the web-interface.
After that to it is possible to start manually,
To stop per day and to continue the next night from the same place.