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How many hosts served concurrent on VA7410?

Jack Fan
Regular Advisor

How many hosts served concurrent on VA7410?

My company want to estimate that how many hosts able to served concurrent on a VA7410 disk array....

We have a VA7410 disk array production now, it also include hd 36GB(15K) * 37, and service server 1 and server 2 in production(reference below)...

Before that, I have collect average IOPS (host) for those production servers analysis.

server 1 : 3000
server 2 : 1000
server 3 : 600
server 4 : 150
server 5 : 75

scenario 1 : server 1 and server 2 run in a va7410. server 3 & 4 & 5 run in a va7110 (36GB 15K * 15). va7410 / va7110 connect to SAN.

scenario 2 : server 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 run in a va7410. va7410 connect to SAN. How many hd we need to install on va7410 disk array...
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: How many hosts served concurrent on VA7410?

You will get a significant boost if you go for 10K disks in the array if it supports them. You will get better performance in a raid 5 scenario with more disks.

I'm probably missing something, but i can't tell you how many disks based on the detail of your post.

Steven E Protter
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Jack Fan
Regular Advisor

Re: How many hosts served concurrent on VA7410?

My current production environment,

disk array : va7410 + 36GB(15K) * 37
server 1 : rp7410 (8cpu / 16G ram),IOPS=3000
server 2 : rp7420 (8cpu / 16G ram),IOPS=1000
server 3 : K580 (6cpu / 6G ram),IOPS=600
server 4 : K580 (4cpu / 4G ram),IOPS=150
server 5 : K380 (4cpu / 2G ram),IOPS=75

server 1 / 2 now share one va7410.
server 3 connecting a 12H with 18G(10K)*8
server 4 connecting a 12H with 18G(10K)*12
server 5 connecting a third-party diskarray.

We going to implement this va7410 in a SAN environment, and server 1/2/3/4/5 will share this va7410.

My question is how many disk should be on this va7410, then IOPS or performance able to support those 5 server for production?


Jack Fan
Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: How many hosts served concurrent on VA7410?


One consideration is that server 3 might be at the max of the 12H so that if you connect it to the VA7410 it would produce more I/Os than you are currently getting.

I addition to the IOPS, it would be best to understand your read/write ratio. HP Storage Specialists can tell you how many IOPS (read, write, 60/40 mix) you can get with a specific number of drives assuming certain average block sizes. So is a 60/40 mix good for you or do you need to interpolate between read and write numbers?
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