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How many node connect to an SC10

Elizabeth LeDuc
Occasional Advisor

How many node connect to an SC10


I have one sc10 with 2 SCSI bus controllers which have 2 SCSI ports each (a total of 4 SCSI ports). If I want to connect 4 nodes to the sc10, do I need 2 more SCSI bus controllers or will 4 nodes operate off the 2 existing SCSI bus controllers?

Please forgive my ignorance; I'm an Oracle DBA trying to build my own test cluster.
Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: How many node connect to an SC10



the SC10 has DIP switches one of which controls split bus vs. full bus operation

in full bus mode both bus controller cards give access to all ten disks (guess that is what you are aiming at).

so you could attach four SCSI adapters two the four BCC ports.
IMPORTANT: Make sure each adapter has a unique SCSI ID!
you can use IDs 4,5,6, and 7 for the host bus adapters, the other targets are used by the disks:
0 8 1 9 2 10 3 11 13 12 (the ten disk targets from left to right in full bus mode)

Elizabeth LeDuc
Occasional Advisor

Re: How many node connect to an SC10


Thank you for the info. You answered my question and more.

Thanks a bunch,