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How to Add New Disk to VA7100

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Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

How to Add New Disk to VA7100


I would like to get hints for adding new drive to a already configured VA7100 with 4 luns.

Would that be:

1) insert new drive in and let it be formatted
2) check drive claimed or not
3) create lun, vg..
4) edit fstab

Please help.

Thanks a lot,

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: How to Add New Disk to VA7100

Steven, if 'drive' means physical disk then there's another action plan:
- insert disk;
- if autoinclude is on, then it will be automatically included and formatted with 520 bytes/sector, if not, include disk manually 'armmgr -i';
- create new LUN in the VA 'armcfg -a';
- check if it's CLAIMED and DEVICE in the ioscan. Note that this LUN is seen as PV (physical volume, ordinary disk) from the OS;
- create/merge volume group using this newly appeared PV;
- do any other arrangements needed.
Please note that all LUNs are distributed across all disks in the VA so adding physical disk you will increase 'global' space for LUN creation. LUNs are created on the VA level, and LUN should be created before you can use/see it on the OS level
Good luck!