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How to Create LUN on VA7100?

Leon Shen
Frequent Advisor

How to Create LUN on VA7100?

Hi Experts,

Customer Have a L2000 connect to VA7100. Currently they want add 7x73GB into the existing VA7100. I have few questions would like to ask,

1. Does the Command View SDM come with VA7100 ?
if dont have Command view and can we use command line to create new lun ?
2. Can the experts tell me how to use command line to create the new LUN.
3. Another scenario, if the 7 Hdds add to exist Lun, how to config via command line?
4. If the existing VA7100 was RAID protect,what should I do after create the LUN?

Best regards
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: How to Create LUN on VA7100?


Normally you have commandview delivered with your VA. If you don't have commandview you can use the serial connection to create a LUN (vfpcfg with an optioan)

The most easy command line to create a lun is with the command cvui, which is a port of commandview

You can't extend a LUN, you have to create an other and extend your volumegroup under unix.
All the luns have the same raid level in a VA7100
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Re: How to Create LUN on VA7100?

If auto include is enabled (default)in the Array, then the new disks will be automatically included in the array.

CV-SDM comes free with VA7100.

You can create LUN using CV-SDM.

in hp-ux run /opt/sanmgr/commandview/client/cvui
if CV-SDM is already installed on the host.

You can also connect a serial terminal to Array controller and create LUN. (not recommended, since there is no much details like used space/ free space)

RAID level cannot altered in VA7100.
If the first redendancy group (RG) created in AutoRAID (default), then all LUNs can only AutoRAID.

Va7100 suports only AutoRAID, RAID1+0


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Steven Bucek
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Re: How to Create LUN on VA7100?

example from command line

cfg -L 1 -a -g 0

-L is to add logical volume, the number is the vol id.

-a is to add capacity

-g is for redundancy group id

you should be able to see your lun from an ioscan.

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Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: How to Create LUN on VA7100?

1. Yes. If you do not have commnand view you still can create LUN by connect serial cable to console port of VA7100 and issue
#man cfg
2. commmand view VA commad
For example: To create a LUN numbered 17 with a capacity of 30MB associated
with Redundancy group2 on array with alias of myarray
armcfg -L 17 -a 30 -g 2 myArray
3. can not add more disk to LUN, you can only add disk to Redundancy group
4, You can specify which RAID you use when creating LUN
HP is simple