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How to Move Compaq RAID Array to New Server?

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Hadi Sukirman
Frequent Advisor

How to Move Compaq RAID Array to New Server?

We plan to upgrade our file server to a nice Compaq ML370 G3. (Our previous is a HP LC3 server) Connected to the old file server is a Compaq Storageworks Raid Array 4100 over fibre channel. The Raid Array is shared with another server which uses a different set of HDD (but in the same Compaq array). Windows 2k Server SP3 is the OS.

We don't want to loose the raid array information as well as the stored data on the HDD when changing to the new server. What should be done to ensure data integrity? Can we upgrade to the new server without loosing data? Is the documentation on this subject?

Thanks in advance!
Alon-alon asal kelakon...
Stuart Helm
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to Move Compaq RAID Array to New Server?

Yeah, I would have liked to read the answer to this question also. I just moved an Smartarray 5i card with external storage case from one DL380 to another HP DL380. When I boot up the new server it sees the 4 drives in the external case, but it says there is no existing array on those drives.

Stuart Helm
Chris Bennett_9
Valued Contributor

Re: How to Move Compaq RAID Array to New Server?

Well, there's really two questions here...

SA4100 Question: I would first, make sure you have a good backup of all of the data on the SMART Array 4100 enclosure. Then, you should be able to move the HBA in the NetServer to the ProLiant, install the appropriate drivers for the HBA, and see the disks through the Array Configuration Utility. If you are using the Proliant Support Pack after the OS installation, the ACU is installed for you and found in START -> Program Files -> HP System Tools -> HP Array Configuration Utility. verify that you can see the RA4100 and you are good to go. The only thing that may be required (assuming Windows installation) is an import of foreign disk - if it is a dynamic disk. You didn't provide enough disk configuration or OS information, so I will just throw that in there.

SMART Array 5i question: If you moved the array from one machine to the other, are they identical machines? If so, you may simply have to go to the ACU (F8 at POST) and see if the array is recognized by the system at boot time. If not, there is something else wrong.