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How to disable Smart Errors Warning

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How to disable Smart Errors Warning

I use a Hp server with P400 controller.


Server have 4 72 GB disks with Raid 1+0.


There is a warning about S.M.A.R.T .


Smart Warning


I want to solve this problem in cheapest way.


I want to disable warnings for Smart errors. Because my bosses see the yellow light and say there is a problem.! How can I?


Do I have to change disk?


This message have an attachment the diagnostic report of my server.


Thanks for information. :)

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Re: How to disable Smart Errors Warning



You need to replace the both drives. They have a lot of errors.


Physical Drive 2I:1:2

Read Errors Hard


Predictive Failure Errors 143


Physical Drive 2I:1:1

Read Errors Hard 2561  Predictive Failure Errors 195





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Re: How to disable Smart Errors Warning

'I assume you don't want to disable the failure notifications, but replace the 2 disks with predictive warnings - they have a lot of read errors and will probably die soon.

After replacing the disks the warning will be gone and your data is safe again.

Hope this helps!

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