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How to remove a "ghost" disk from FC60?

Peter Predtechensky
Occasional Contributor

How to remove a "ghost" disk from FC60?


there is an FC60 connected to L3000, running HP-UX 11.00.

First I had 4 SC10s attached to FC60 in the full-bus mode. Then 2 SC10s were removed and two remaining were configured in a split-bus mode. Now amdsp -a gives

SCSI Channel:ID = 2:12
Enclosure = ?
Slot (0-based) = ?
Disk State = NO RESPONSE
Disk Group and Type = 000000000000000000 HOT SPARE
Capacity = 0.0 GB
Manufacturer and Model = NO_VENDOR NO_MODEL
Serial Number = NO_SERIAL_NUM
Firmware Revision = NO_FW_REV

I guess this is a "ghost" from the old 4 SC10 configuration. Initially this disk was configured as a hot spare, but I forgot to remove it when switching to the new configuration.

Is it possible to remove _just this_ entry from the configuration without re-building the whole FC60 shop (as HP recommends)?

All other disks seem to be fine.

Thanks much for help.