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How to remove a temporary RAID 0 drive?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

How to remove a temporary RAID 0 drive?

Our storage subsystem (5302, 4x18.2Gb Ultra3 Hot Plug) was configured with three drives (ID 0,1,2) in a RAID 5 array (logical drive 1), with the fourth drive (ID 3) assigned as an on-line spare. More space was needed in a hurry so the on-line spare was deactivated, rolled into the array and a RAID 0 volume (logical drive 2) was created on it. Now we've deleted logical drive 2 and would like our on-line spare back...

How do we convince the controller to pack logical drive 1 back into the original three drives so we can demote the fourth back to being an on-line spare? We'd thought the system would act like the EISA SA controller and just add the RAID0 logical drive to the fourth physical drive, but it seems to have distributed both the logical drives across all the disks.