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How to remove/delete drive from the array ( RS/12)


How to remove/delete drive from the array ( RS/12)

Can anyone tell me on how to remove/delete disk drive from the array in RS/12.

Basically one of our customer recently added new 36GB disk drives in RS/12 box and now they want to remove some of the old 18GB disk drives from the same RS/12 box. The old 18GB disk drives is configured as RAID 1. This RS/12 box is connected to Lxr8500 server using 3Si controller card.

Thanks in advance for your advise.
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: How to remove/delete drive from the array ( RS/12)


When using the latest version of netraid assistant, you can delete the latest logical drive that has been created.
So if you have 3 logical drives (LD0, LD1 and LD2) you can only delete LD2. After that you can delete LD1 and finally LD0.
You can do this by right clicking on the logical drive in netraid assistant and press delete.
There are ways to 'delete' a logical drive when it's not the last one that has been created (writing doen the configuration, clearing it and recreating it without the logical drive you don't want and without initializing) but that's quite risky.
I hope that the logical drive that you want to delete is the last one, otherwise, let me know.