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Hp netraid 1si

T van Maanen
Occasional Visitor

Hp netraid 1si

I,m trying to install windows 2000 server on raid 5
of three hd all three quantum atlas V 9,1 GB but after formating the system stops I upgrade hp netraid controler stills it's after formating it stops. All test of the hp netraid controller are ok. I don't understand wy the installation stops after formating(it's goes very quick).

Please can sombody help me
If you can't breake it then fix it
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Hp netraid 1si

What do you mean with formatting?
Initializing in Netraid assistant or Express Tools?
or- formatting in Windows NT?
In the last case: do you use the correct drivers during installation?

What's the HP productnumber of the disks?
What kind of netserver are you using?

Try slowing down the SCSI busspeed in : Express Tools, Objects, SCSI Channel: change it tp FAST or Ultra and try it again.