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I want to remove last array

Hamdi GULSOY_1
Occasional Contributor

I want to remove last array


I have download disk utility (express tool and netraid assistant)for dos and windows nt 4.0

I can not install this utility software on my OS (NT 4.0 SP3) for Windows Nt 4.0 Because this software request above SP4.

I have tried utility software for dos software but, I not found logical drive remove(delete) tool to last array (LD5).

I Want to delete (remove) the last array (LD5) (logical Drive).

How can I Do ?...
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: I want to remove last array

Hi Hamdi,

not 100% sure about this, can't verify since have no such NT4 config running anymore but you might want to try Netraid Assistant version B.01.04 (previous release).

I believe this one also supports the removal of a the last logical drive and it might install on NT4 SP3 systems. This version is available on the Navigator cd's that you might have access to.

If not then dowload it from here :




Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: I want to remove last array

if these version did not alow you, just boot with the CD-Navigator, and use in toolbox the netraid assistant, last cd=last version, b.02.02 should do the job