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I20 RAID in RP5470

Anoop P_2
Regular Advisor

I20 RAID in RP5470

Hai Guys,

Recently I forgot to switch my I20 RAID box before the server, and ended up with offline disks. There were 6 disks of 72 GB each , 5 in RAID 5 and one a hotspare.

After I made the disks online from the raid utility, the array did not have any data!!!

HP says that there is a risk of losing data if the RAID box is not online when the server comes up.

I ultimately reconfigured, restored the data and made the system up, but had to go through lots of problems, as my oracle had to be re-installed.

Does any one of you have any comment about this risk?

Thanks in Advance,

Sunil Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Re: I20 RAID in RP5470

Hi Anoop,

I faced same problem with my FC60 storage box. that time HP helped me to recovered data.

they used array manager commands.

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Anoop P_2
Regular Advisor

Re: I20 RAID in RP5470

Well, I dont know why no one else has responded to this!

Even though the machine is up, the RCA (Root Cause Anaysis) is still on...

Any inputs?