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I2C Read Failure EMU

Khurram Shahzad
Regular Advisor

I2C Read Failure EMU

Dear all, i got one MSA 1000 for past few days it is showing I2C read failure error. It seems that controller is stuck because it doesn't allow me to delete this message. When i press left and right button of OCP nothing happens. But the database on MSA 1000 is working fine. Find the attached picture of error. Could you please help me solving this issue.

Re: I2C Read Failure EMU


This error mainly indicates that EMU is not able to read from the I2C bus.. this is the bus it uses to communicate with the I/O modules, sensors and the controllers. If this is the error you are getting on only one controller, try reseating it and the I/O modules. Upgrading the firmware may help. If not I/O module may need to be replaced.
If the error is on both the controllers, EMU needs to be replaced.

Hope this helps!