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IBM ESS fc20 (shark)

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Mike Blatsos

IBM ESS fc20 (shark)

I am looking for any info. on the performance of the "shark" on an HP-UX 11 N class using Fiber channels. I have used the EMC 8430 as a point of referance.
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: IBM ESS fc20 (shark)

Here's the numbers from HP's R&D labs in Roseville:

Shark F20:

Seq reads from disk: 350MB/s
100% cache hit 4K reads: 41,000 IOPS
random reads 0% cache hit: 11,000 IOPS

Compared to an XP512:

seq reads from disk: 842MB/s
100 cache hit 4K read: 165,011 IOPS
random reads 0% cache hit: 30,924 IOPS

So, that makes the Shark about 1/3 of the performance of an XP512.

I hope you're getting it for 1/3 the price!!!

Good luck
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