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IBM Shark and HP9000 servers

Timothy Czarnik
Esteemed Contributor

IBM Shark and HP9000 servers

Hey all,

Anyone here running any of their HP9000 servers connected to an IBM Shark disk array via fibre? I'm looking for information on any gotchas or anything I should be concerned about. Bottom line is that I have an older D class server with a fibre card installed that is currently on a SAN attached to our VA7400 disk array that I want to use disk from the Shark for testing.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hey! Who turned out the lights!
Honored Contributor

Re: IBM Shark and HP9000 servers


We had couple of K class servers which are connected IBM shark and was booting of the disk on the shark, we de-installed them couple of months back. If the server is able to see the disks then the server will boot.


florence mathon lermusi
Trusted Contributor

Re: IBM Shark and HP9000 servers

Hi Tim,

you can have a look on http://publibfp.boulder.ibm.com/epubs/pdf/f2bhs05.pdf, this will give you some info on how to configure your HP-UX server, and which HBA are supported etc...