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IGNITE on L-2000

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IGNITE on L-2000


I have created ignite tape with make_tape_recovery with -v -A options. The tape drive is external connected to L-2000 with Ver 11:00 with ignite 3.2 ver. I am getting the messages. Recovery tape creted successfully and itt stored 29268+1 records on the tape.

I have replaced the root disk and fixed the new disk with the same configurations. But when I am trying to boot from the recovery tape, whan I am selecting the boot path (tape) it is recognising the tape and after some time it is coming out to ISL > prompt.

Is it possible we can use the external tape for the recovery.

Same thing I did with my live server which has internal tape drive and that works fine.

Waiting for the valuable suggestions.


Harpreet Singh Chana
Michael Tully
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Re: IGNITE on L-2000

Hi Harpreet,

You don't mention whether the tape drive
your using is a DAT or a DLT. Some DLT's
are simply not bootable. In the linked
document there is a table as to which
DLT drives are bootable.


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Re: IGNITE on L-2000

Dear Mr Michal,

Sorry, I forgot to mention. Yes It is DDS-3 Tape drive. I have Installed the updated September OS and patches also.

With Regards

Harpreet Singh Chana
Darrell Allen
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Re: IGNITE on L-2000


I was wondering if you found the solution to your issue. I searched but didn't find anything that says you can't boot from an external DDS3 on an L.

One comment I'd like to make. You didn't post the actual command line you used with make_tape recovery but I'd suggest:
make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/0mn -I -v -x inc_entire=vg00

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Re: IGNITE on L-2000

issue an sea isl from bch.

Also try to mount the tape from hp-ux

if mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn fsf 1 fails,

then probably the tape is corrupted.

you problem probably is the device file and rewind:

You need to rewind the tape first after the make_recovery to the no-rewind device: /dev/rmt/0mn

If the tape was just loaded prior to you performing the make_recovery, then you can rewind the tape using :

mt -t /dev/rmt/0m rew
It works for me (tm)
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Re: IGNITE on L-2000

Hi Harpreet,

I would say that you had forgotten to put the "n" of the "No-Rewind" device.

If you forgot to put this "n" when you had issue the make_recovery command, this command will first write the lif area to tape then rewind the tape and then write the entire vg00 to the tape by deleting the lif area newly created ( since there is no "No-Rewind" device ).

And when you boot on tape the system try to locate the lif area but it didn't find it. That's why it prompts again without doing the restaure.

Hope this helps.

Krishna Prasad
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Re: IGNITE on L-2000

What do you mean by external? any thing that is not on the core I/O or attached to scsii? or is it going through a fibre switch/bridge?

I can boot off of an external scsii attached tape fine. I never tried it going via switch/bridge or some kind of tape library.
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