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Identify Logical disks from ACU

Abdul Rashid
Frequent Advisor

Identify Logical disks from ACU

I have 2 Smart Array P800's each connected with 4 disk shelves on my DL580 server. On each controller I have configured four Arrays, one per disk shelf with one logical drive per Array. all logical drives are of the same size. This means I have 8 equal size LUNs presented to my Windows OS.

Is there anyway I can identify which LUN within windows disk administrator is linked with which logical drive in ACU. I want to remove one of the disk shelfs from one of the Array controller and I have already deleted the partintion from Windows Disk Administrator, but cannot identify which Disk shelf that LUN was configured on.

Any ideas please
Frequent Advisor

Re: Identify Logical disks from ACU

In ACU click on the logical view-->logical drive 1-->more information you will see disk name as \\.\physical drive 10 or 11 depends.
Go to windows disk management and find disk 10 or disk 11.

The above was an example.You try creating a new lun and present it and click on logical drive -->more information and then compare it on disk management.