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Implementing MSA - SecurePath questions

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Implementing MSA - SecurePath questions

I have a couple of questions about MSA1xxx technology that relate to SecurePath technology:

Q1: A network contains 10 host, 5 of them SAN-attached to an MSA1000. Where can one install Secure Path Manager?

a: On any host in the network
b: Any of the 5 SAN-attached hosts

My understanding was that (a) is the correct answer in that SPM only needs to use an IP socket connection to the each host/SP Agent in order to manage them. Or is it more like the ACU where it needs to communicate to the SAN directly?

Q2: Where is the SPEM (Element Manager) installed, and what function does it perform? Does it run on the SPM, on a separate dedicated host? Does the SPEM speak directly to the SPM or to the Agents themselves?

Q3: Is SPM required to install/run Agents successfully on hosts? OR is it just a management tool that is used to manage large installations of SP-enabled hosts?

There is VERY little information out here on Secure Path and it's overall workings, etc. Beyond the stuff one can find on HP sites, does anyone how any other good resources that they can pass/point me to?

Thanks in advance!
Jarle Bjorgeengen
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Re: Implementing MSA - SecurePath questions



Windows and NetWare hosts are managed with Secure Path Manager v4 (SPM), a web-based
management application that allows continuous monitoring of the multi-path environment, displays path
status and alerts on significant events. Secure Path Manager presents a SAN-wide view of path
connectivity between managed hosts and LUNs. Its easy to use interface allows users to customize paths
and optimize availability and performance for the specific SAN.
Secure Path Manager runs on either the SAN Management Appliance or on a Windows 2000 server.
Users can browse to Secure Path Manager using standard web browsers. Secure Path Manager allows
the user to enable automatic load balancing to ensure maximum I/O efficiency, when managing the
EVA5000, EVA3000, EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000, RA8000/ESA12000, MA8000/EMA12000/
EMA16000, MA6000, XP, and VA storage solutions.
Sun and HP-UX hosts are managed with the Secure Path Management Tool (secure path manager),
which is a command line application and has the following features:

So yes a is correct as long as your managed hosts (the 5 wit SAN connection) is windows hosts.

Q2: As far as I can see from http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/UCR/SupportManual/TPM_AA-RRR4D-TE/TPM_AA-RRR4D-TE.pdf , the element manager is the http-server part of the SPM

Q3: Yes SPM connects to a number of hosts with SP installed.
Steven Clementi
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Re: Implementing MSA - SecurePath questions

Q1: Secure Path Manager can run on any of the hosts. It uses TCP/IP to communicate with the hosts running the Secure Path software.

Q2: You should not have to do anything manually with SPEM. it should be part of the manager installation.

Q3: SPM is useful for path management and troubleshooting path related issues. It is not required for agent installation.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Implementing MSA - SecurePath questions

Thanks guys, quite helpful...