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Increase LUNs size

wali chabi
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Increase LUNs size

Please is it possible to increase the LUN size in the HP Autoraid? If yes, how to do it?
Indeed, i created 8 LUNs on the Autoraid and and had a large disk free size.

thank you for your help
Mike Shilladay
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Re: Increase LUNs size


Probabaly the easist way is to delete the LUN and recreate it.

** Make sure that you backup your data first. **

You don't say which autoraid disk you are using, but if you are using a Model 12H, which I assume that you are because you have used all 8 LUN's, then you can use hp-ux commands or the front panel.

Use the hp-ux commands arraycfg, for addition:

arraycfg -L -a

and to delete

arraycfg -L -d

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Re: Increase LUNs size

The autoraid 12 and 12h supportsd LUNs from 0 to 7.
It is not possible to increase a LUN.
You need to backup the data, delete a LUN and re-create.

Hope this helps!

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